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Daytime Tours

No one may visit the observatory after 4:00 pm unless registered for a Nighttime program.

  1. Be cautious and respectful of wildlife; do not feed, pursue, or approach wildlife
  2. Stay with your guide and group
  3. No rock climbing or bouldering
  4. Stay out of recently burned areas
  5. If you experience symptoms of altitude sickness (dizziness, severe headache, etc) let your guide know immediately
  6. Be aware that high winds can make doors (on both cars and buildings) dangerous

Free Self-Guided Tours

When we reopen self-guided Tour maps will be available in the Visitor Center Gift Shop. Visitors are permitted to walk around observatory grounds during the Visitor Center’s normal hours of operation. Visitors are allowed to enter facilities marked for visitor entrance. Because Kitt Peak is a working research facility, visitors should stay on paved roads and walking areas. Please do not enter any facilities not marked for visitors.

  • These programs are free to members of the Tohono O’odham Nation (TON Tribal IDs will be checked at the arrival).
  • No reservation required. Walk-ins welcome.