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Kitt Peak is very much alive during the daylight hours and offers a variety of activities to enjoy. During the summer, the mountain is a great place to beat the desert heat. When the Sun sets, our famous evening and overnight programs are a great way to spend learning about astronomy and viewing the night sky. Discover the constellations in the sky, how to view hidden objects in the sky with binoculars, and view the deep sky objects with our telescopes. It is a great way to spend the evening with the family.

Use the menu to explore our options for Day-time visits and Night-time Programs.

Please read our Plan Your Visit page to learn more about the climate up here at the summit!

Terms and Conditions

Please select your date carefully when you reserve and enter your information accurately. Payment can be made with a variety of credit cards.

For all activities you may cancel at any time up to 24 hours prior to the tour date without any penalty, except the Eventbrite fee.

If less than 24 hours notice is provided, tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled.

If we are forced to cancel the program ourselves we will make a full refund. We reserve the right to cancel part or all of the program in the event of natural or man-made hazards, threatening weather, power failures, or other safety concerns beyond our control. Even if conditions look pleasant near the program start but are anticipated to become hazardous hours later near the end of the program, we will cancel the program and refund the program part but unfortunately cannot refund the dorm fee.

If a last-minute emergency or other situation comes up that prevents some or all of your group from attending, please let us know as soon as possible as this will allow us to fill the empty space with others from our waiting list.